About Us

Message from the CEO

“Here at DELTA Management Solutions, Inc. we understand the complexities and responsibilities faced by each and every Board Member volunteering to service their community. That is why we focus all of our efforts on forming relationships with the community’s that we mange. It is important that every customer receive three important takings from our organization: QUALITY, RELIABLITY, & VALUE.”

“In order for a business to maintain a competitive advantage in today’s business world they must accept and understand their customers needs and wants and correlate their services around them. At DELTA we understand what-you-the customer expects and our service is tailored to meet your expectations. Give us a call today and lets embark on a journey of success.”

- Juan J. Martinez

DELTA Management Solutions, Inc. is a group of professionals dedicated to providing the highest-level Management expertise at an affordable price. DELTA Management Solutions, Inc. has over 30 years of experience and prides itself on offering a differentiated product from other Management companies by continuously striving to identify and provide that “extra” service that will guarantee continued customer satisfaction and value creation.

At DELTA we continuously strive to identify and implement new innovations that will enhance our efficiency and reduce the cost of our service to our costumers. We have quality control coordinators who review our service 100% of the time! We independently review each and every service to ensure total quality. At Delta we are committed to providing you with exceptional service; which is why all our personnel are on call 24 hours a day in case of any emergency.

As a result of the company’s vision and implementation of its mission statement, we have experienced unparallel growth in market share. Following is a list competitive advantages that separates our firm from the others in the industry:

  • Intellectual Capital:

    DELTA Management prides itself in hiring the best managers the industry has to offer. All managers are certified by the DBPR and have at least a college degree with industry experience;

  • Service:

    All aspects of our services are congruent with the organizations business philosophy;

  • Technology:

    DELTA Management incorporates the latest technology in an attempt to increase the Value received from each and every customer dealing with the organization;

  • Quality:

    TQM controls are implemented to secure high quality service each and every time;

  • Cost Effective:

    Because of our firm’s cost structure, we have the ability to charge competitive prices for our service, which allows us to offer personalized management services to each and every one of our customers.